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pregnancy headaches first trimester

Pregnancy headaches first trimester of pregnancy is one of the most common symptoms a woman faces during pregnancy. 
pregnancy headaches first trimester

The cause of Pregnancy headaches first trimester :

Headache pain may occur at any time during pregnancy, but this headache appears significantly and persistently during the first three months of pregnancy and during the third and last third of pregnancy.

During the first three months of pregnancy, the pregnant woman’s body suffers from a change and an increase in hormones and an increase in blood volume, these changes can cause a feeling of more frequent headaches for the pregnant woman, the feeling of this headache may worsen and worsen due to stress, and there may be other causes of pregnancy headaches first trimester It includes the following:

Lack of sleep Failure to sleep for adequate periods may cause a pregnant woman a headache.

Caffeine withdrawal, women who used to drink large amounts of caffeine, when they stopped drinking caffeine, caused pregnancy headaches first trimester.

Stress is a cause of headaches during pregnancy.
Low blood sugar for a pregnant woman.

While headaches during the third trimester of pregnancy appear and are often associated with stress and anxiety caused by being overweight, the cause of headaches during the third trimester of pregnancy may also be due to a condition called preeclampsia, a condition in which blood pressure rises during pregnancy.

Therefore, when your madam feels a headache during pregnancy in the first trimester of pregnancy during your pregnancy, you should visit your doctor to diagnose the cause of your headache and start providing appropriate treatment for your condition, and you should avoid the use of any medical drugs or analgesics during your pregnancy before consulting the doctor first.

What can you do to treat pregnancy headaches first trimester of pregnancy?

This question is asked by most pregnant women, as they all want to get rid of this annoying headache, and the best way to deal with pregnancy headaches in the first third of pregnancy is to avoid it completely, and avoiding a pregnancy headache is easier when following the following instructions:

A pregnant woman must get a lot of rest and relaxation to get rid of annoying headaches.

Coldwater bottles on the head can be used to help treat a pregnant woman’s headache.

You should eat meals rich in fiber and nutrients necessary for a pregnant woman and her unborn baby.

Exercising during pregnancy is necessary, especially when a pregnant woman feels a headache.

If these tips did not work in the treatment of pregnancy headaches in the first trimester of pregnancy, there are still steps that a pregnant woman can take to help get rid of the headache, and that will be by using natural methods that help relieve your headache during pregnancy, you can reduce the headache with one or more of the treatments The following natural:

- If a pregnant woman suffers from a sinus headache, she can put a warm compress around her eyes and nose.

- If the pregnant woman suffers from a tension headache, an ice pack should be applied to the base of her neck.

- A pregnant woman must maintain blood sugar by eating small and frequent meals throughout the day, and this may also help prevent a headache in the future.

- A pregnant woman should try to get a massage on her shoulders and neck, as this is an effective way to relieve pregnancy headache pain in the first trimester of pregnancy.

- Get some rest by sleeping in a dark room and practicing deep breathing.

- A pregnant woman can take a warm bath that gives her a little rest and relaxation and relieves her of great stress and headaches.

One of the best ways to relieve pain associated with a pregnancy headache in the first trimester of pregnancy is to apply heat or cold to the sides of the head, eyes, or along the back of the neck, like heating pads and cold packs are available on the market in a variety of shapes and sizes, but most require to use Microwave or Fraser First, another disadvantage of these pads for heating and cold beams is that the heat or coolness subsides and decreases significantly over time.

These natural remedies may be of great help in relieving a pregnant woman from headache and his pain, especially in cases of mild and severe headaches, but in severe and severe headaches it is preferable to seek help from a doctor and not to use any drugs without a doctor's prescription.

Medical treatments for pregnancy headaches in the first trimester of pregnancy:

Most people prefer to use analgesic and medicinal drugs to quickly get rid of headache pain, but the matter is different from pregnant women, so a pregnant woman cannot use any medication 

without a prescription, and this is due to the danger of medical drugs to the health of the fetus and the pregnant mother, in cases of pregnant women who suffer from Headache during pregnancy, it is not recommended to use pain relief medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen in most of these cases; However, acetaminophen may be advised but you should consult your doctor first before using it as well.

When should a pregnant woman call her healthcare practitioner?
Unfortunately, pregnancy headaches in the first trimester of pregnancy are a normal part of pregnancy and are closely associated with pregnancy; however, the pregnant woman must contact her healthcare doctor in the following cases:

If the pregnant woman does not feel any improvement in spite of using the previously mentioned treatments.
In the event that the severity of the headache increases, or in the event that the severity of the headache is constant, it does not disappear or decrease.

In the event that the pregnant woman faces a headache that is significantly different from the headache that she used to.

If the pregnant woman’s headache is accompanied by blurred vision or poor vision, or the headache is accompanied by a sudden increase in weight, pain in the upper right part of the abdomen, or swelling of the hands and face.

These were the most important cases that every pregnant woman should be aware of, and if one or more of these cases are noticed, a visit to the attending physician is a must.
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