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joint pain after birth and its treatment

joint pain after birth is a phenomenon that all mothers suffer from due to muscle relaxation and pressure on the vertebrae and joints, so what is the most important advice to alleviate them?
joint pain after birth and its treatment

Causes of joint pain after birth:

Many women after childbirth visit orthopedic clinics to complain of joint pain after birth in multiple forms, the most common of which is low back pain, which is particularly concentrated in the lower lumbar spine, and this complaint begins either after weeks or months of birth depending on the degree of loading on the lumbar spine.

The main cause of these pains is the weakening of the muscles of the back and abdomen after birth in addition to their relaxation.

Likewise, the increase in weight and lack of exercise, and finally, the increased responsibilities of the mother and the double effort she exerts in caring for the child after birth.

 To avoid this complaint, one of the doctors recommends the following:

1 - Exercise to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and back immediately after the postpartum period, to be progressively progressive in order to avoid severe muscle cramps.

2 - Wearing a corset to prevent the abdominal muscles from relaxing, provided that this is in conjunction with exercise.

3 - Avoid the wrong sitting positions, while breastfeeding the child, or staying in a certain position for a long time.

4 - Physiotherapy in the form of massages for back muscles and warm water baths with the use of appropriate ointments and it is desirable to avoid medications during the lactation period whenever possible.

5 - Exercising before pregnancy to strengthen the muscles of the back and abdomen to prevent joint pain after birth

The most common symptoms are feeling numbness and pain in the fingers of one hand or one hand, explaining it, saying that feeling of numbness increases when the hands are increasingly used or steadfastness in a specific position, and this feeling also increases. 
Especially at night which causes anxiety for the mother.

But often this condition is temporary in many cases and is the result of changing the level of hormones in the blood, which leads to an increase in fluids in the body and pressure on the middle nerve in the hand and with partial suffocation of the nerve, and in most cases, the complaint disappears after several months of birth with the disappearance of fluids The excess and the return of the level of hormones to the natural limit, so it is advised not to rush into the functioning of the prickly nerve wiring surgery. 

It is also advised to do neuromuscular drawing only in the few cases where the complaint continues for long periods without responding to drug therapy.

Tips for women to get rid of joint pain after birth:

The methods of childbirth, whether natural or cesarean, are determined at the time of exercising, as well as the pain inflicted on the woman later. 

Exercise is practiced only after a month and a half after the surgery, and doctors identified several tips for back safety, the most important of which are:
Follow a diet to control weight for two months after birth.

Avoid tightening the hands to raise the newborn, but it is possible for the mother to bring him closer to her and then raise it.

Lifting the newborn by walking in front of the body and walking with it.

Avoid placing the infant on the hips so that it does not affect the back negatively.

Avoid breastfeeding on the bed, but it is necessary to sit on a back safety chair.

When breastfeeding, it is preferable to bring the baby closer to the chest as much as possible so that the mother can bend over to him without damaging the back health.

If the mother has a car that is driven, it is advised to place her child in the back seat.

Knee bending is recommended if the newborn is raised from the ground.

Massage back muscles with appropriate ointments to relax the muscles.

Be sure to take a warm bath before bed to rest the vertebrae.

Stay away from medications and drugs during pregnancy so that they do not affect the fetus and after birth so as not to affect breastfeeding.

It is recommended to buy and wear a corset during exercise.

Avoid sitting for extended periods while holding the baby and holding a certain position.

Types of joint pain after birth:

Women feel joint pain after birth. One of the most important of these pain is the pain of fingers and the feeling of numbness, whether in the hands or even one hand, pelvic pain, and fatigue immediately after making any effort, even if it is simple.
  • First, for the pain of hands and fingers:

Its causes are due to the change in hormones, the increase in the fluid level in the body, and what leads to pressure in the middle of the nerves of the hand.

  • Second, pelvic pain and muscle weakness:

Pelvic and muscle pains are due to a lack of calcium in the mother’s body and vitamins, especially vitamin "D" because her newborn has derived everything from it, as well as having anemia as a result.

Medical advice to recover body strength after birth.
Eat foods rich in calcium, such as milk, eggs, and yogurt.
Eat adequate amounts of vitamin D.
Performing analyzes and examinations to find out the percentage of anime and following up on its control.
Resorting to the doctor in the event of any unusual change of treatment as soon as we ask God to protect us all.
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