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delivering baby at 37 weeks

Most pregnant women are worried about the idea of ​​premature birth, given that the fetus is not yet fully developed, and therefore the opportunity to live without health problems and adapts to living outside the mother's womb is difficult for him. Is delivering baby at 37 weeks a danger to the newborn or the pregnant mother?
delivering baby at 37 weeks

delivering baby at 37 weeks

This question occupies a lot of minds. Although the 37th week of pregnancy is the beginning of the ninth week, anxiety affects pregnant women, given that the ninth month is one of the most important months in which the organs and organs of the fetus are completed naturally.

Is giving delivering baby at 37 weeks of pregnancy an early birth? It is subject to damage, symptoms, and side effects that occur when a newborn gives birth early. 

Does the mother have any danger? Or that the child is immature and did not grow sufficiently to live with his new environment?

First, you must know that normal childbirth begins in cases of pregnancy from the thirty-seventh week and continues until the forty-second week, and before the thirty-seventh week, meaning that pregnancy did not enter the ninth month after it is considered an early birth, and giving birth before week 32 until week 25 is considered a very early birth And, the earlier the birth is mentioned, the higher the risk, especially for the fetus.

Whoever is more than 42 weeks pregnant, this is considered a late birth, and it can suffocate and harm the fetus. Because he had already matured and could no longer coexist within the womb with his stool and breath after the proper formation of his organs.

Given that the 37th week is the limit between early childbirth and normal childbirth, many pregnant women wonder about the nature of childbirth during this period and whether they pose a risk to the birth of the mother or the fetus.

Is the fetus complete in week 37?

Medically, the fetus in the thirty-seventh week may have completed its development and can coexist outside the mother's womb, but there may be some problems that can be solved before or after birth, the thirty-seventh week as we know is the first week in the ninth month.

The birth is most likely to be in the middle of the ninth month, so whoever enters the ninth and gives birth to him, his advantages remain higher than for whom medicine had to set a date for his birth before that.

Low weight, especially if the fetus throughout the life of pregnancy has a low weight, here it is preferable that it is born in the middle of the ninth to ensure that it gains extra weight, which is estimated at half an ounce of fat per day.

Lung maturity is not complete as required, and thus he will have minor breathing problems, as he may enter a nursery immediately after birth if necessary, according to the doctor’s report at that time.

The maturation of the digestive system is complete, but the problem remains in the non-closing of the stomach mouth in the fetus, which occurs in the middle of the ninth month, i.e. in the 39th week of pregnancy, and this matter increases the number of times the child vomiting after breastfeeding compared to others.

Childbirth at week 37 is classified as natural birth, because the risks from childbirth in this month were not as serious as other early and very early childbirths that start from the seventh month to the end of the eighth month, at which time the fetus’s maturity was not complete.

 Avoid birth problems in the 37th week of the fetus

The medical solutions to these aforementioned problems that may confront a child born in the thirty-seventh week are the following:

The normal fetus's weight ranges from 2 and a half kilos to 3 and a half kilograms. If the fetus has reached a weight that ranges between the aforementioned percentage, then there is no reason to worry about giving delivering baby at 37 weeks, or if it is less than that, the baby is weak and lean and you can help him by feeding him continuously and adding added foods For him since the fourth month of his life.

The stomach does not close the mouth of the fetus, its medical solutions are weak; Because it naturally closes in the sixth month of an infant's life without the intervention of medicine, but perhaps the number of times vomiting increases, and that's fine.

If the fetus’s respiratory system is weak, and the lung maturity has not yet been completed, here are two solutions: Either the doctor decides to give the fetus a lung injection to speed maturity, given that the birth date has come, and he can delay the birth for a few days to make the injection work, or that the matter is not dangerous It may be resolved by entering the infant nursery several days after birth or not.

The risk of delivering a baby at 37 weeks of pregnancy on the mother:

After we looked at the position of the fetus and whether there was a risk for his delivering baby at 37 weeks of gestation, we now look at the position of the mother to ensure the presence or absence of a risk to the mother of the date of birth is set at this time.

It is normal from the beginning and entry of the ninth month in the thirty-seventh week of pregnancy, the expectant mother begins preparing for the birth, and preparing her bag that will be accompanied by everything she needs after leaving the birth, there is no real risk to the mother in any way whatsoever at birth this week.

At any moment this week, it is normal for a pregnant woman to wait for the known beginnings of labor and labor contractions that you can see by following the article. 

The mother’s condition this week begins with feeling several things that can continue and vary the duration of her pursuit or increase your feeling of them all, so here is a time The birth has come and you will go to the hospital.

Birth problems at week 37

Among the problems that a pregnant woman faces and does not pose a risk to her when she is born in the 37th week are the following:
The pregnant mother may be exposed if she is born this week is the possibility of making a vaginal incision, in the channel between the vagina and the anus, so as to expand the location of the fetus’s exit and to ensure that no pressure occurs on the head.

The other thing is that the fetus has not yet moved downward, and here it is difficult for you to breathe comfortably and easily when giving up because it is closer to the heart and puts pressure on your breathing process.

In the event that it is not sufficient for the fetus to move down until 37 weeks, care is required when the fetus is withdrawn, so that problems do not occur, as the head is the last thing that comes out of the fetus and is most exposed to pressure problems and then dangerous to it after birth.

Signs of childbirth divorce and labor contractions at week 37

And in case you started to feel these things at different times, or you feel one of them, then the countdown to the birth has begun, and one of the most prominent cases that the mother feels this week indicates the following:

  • Labor contractions: These contractions and contractions are considered indications of the approaching birth, and their increase confirms that birth will occur in this week of pregnancy.

 It is worth noting that these contractions occur every ten or twenty minutes, and after that their frequency gradually decreases to reach three minutes a few and from there to a minute One and the pregnant woman feel these contractions first in the back and then in the abdomen.

Feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen, which indicates that the fetus has moved downward in preparation for its release.

Excessive vaginal discharge this week in pregnant women.

Feeling of excessive diarrhea during this period.

  • Descending of water: This is considered one of the most important signs of childbirth, and the color of the water is white that tends to yellowish, starts with drops at the beginning and then gradually increases, and the equivalent of 10 percent of the water bag has been torn, and here the birth date will have come.

  • The exit of the cervical cap: a sticky substance comes out in the form of a mucous paste, which sometimes mixes with blood, and this is considered to be the cervical cap, this matter if it occurs alone without other signs from the mentioned, it is possible to give birth to the pregnant during the next few days, but if it is It has appeared with other signs, so the date of birth will be after a few hours.

Normal fetal weight in the 37th week of pregnancy

As for the weight of the fetus in this month, its length and growth, the fetus has acquired a length equivalent to 19 inches, and its weight is 3 kilograms, and what is less or more than this weight at a rate of half a kilogram is OK.

The child has generally completed maturity, but the last two weeks of pregnancy remain one of the most important periods of completion of the maturity of the fetus, in which the mouth of the stomach closes and the growth of nerves, brain, lung, and skull is completed, and its ability to maintain body temperature increases after birth.

Also, at the beginning of the ninth to mid-pregnancy, there is a complete maturity in body functions and a moderate blood sugar level; So if you have the choice about delaying childbirth in the middle of the ninth month, i.e. the thirty-ninth or a forty-week week, it is better, but if you have to medically give birth in the thirty-seventh week, there is nothing wrong with the child’s development will complete in its first months naturally.

Is birth in the 37th week considered premature birth?

It is classified naturally, given that the fetus is generally mature in maturity and did not hinder the birth of anything and will be able to live outside the womb of the mother, and will not face problems in the completion of its growth after birth, but other times it is classified early, given what we have mentioned in order of the benefits and features that your child acquires if he continues in the womb After week 37.

The issue is relative, and as long as the fetus is naturally mature and at a rate exceeding 90 percent, there is no fear of giving birth in this month, and the fetus may be fully mature and there is nothing that excels the tension even, so as long as you entered your ninth month, be assured and occupy yourself by reading what is useful in breastfeeding and raising Your child.

Thus, the answer to the question of whether giving birth in the 37th week would pose a danger to the child or the mother has arrived for you, and knowing the questions that concern the birth fears this week, are sure that there is nothing wrong with that and we invite all of you to enjoy seeing your children safe.
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