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Benefits bananas during pregnancy

To maintain the health of a pregnant woman, it is necessary to take foods that are beneficial to the body and which contain many nutrients, including eating bananas during pregnancy
Benefits bananas during pregnancy

The benefits of bananas during pregnancy

Bananas are among the most consumed fruits worldwide, due to its delicious flavor and the many health benefits it provides to the body.

Americans also consume more bananas than apples and oranges Combined, bananas contain many nutrients, such as many vitamins and minerals, such as potassium and magnesium.

Bananas also help control blood pressure, blood sugar, and other benefits. This article will talk about the benefits of bananas for a pregnant woman.

Banana benefits for pregnant women:

The benefits of bananas for a pregnant woman lying in the high nutritional value that bananas enjoy and therefore offers many benefits to a pregnant woman and her unborn child, but it must be ensured that the pregnant woman does not have an allergy to bananas, and the benefits of bananas for a pregnant woman are as follows: 

  • Vitamin B6:
All B vitamins play an important role in the development of the fetus, but bananas contain vitamin B6, as the fetal central nervous system relies on vitamin B6 to coordinate activity during its development and help in the manufacture of neurotransmitters GABA, dopamine, and serotonin, and the vitamin B6 present in bananas helps the mother and fetus to Transfer oxygen to tissues through hemoglobin, and the recommended daily amount of vitamin B6 for a pregnant woman is 1.9 milligrams, and one medium banana fruit contains 0.4 milligrams or 21% of the recommended daily intake of this vitamin.

  • Potassium:
The benefits of bananas for a pregnant woman also lie with potassium, and the pregnant woman must consume at least 4,700 milligrams of potassium per day. Bananas provide 9% of the recommended daily intake of potassium after eating one medium banana, and one of the benefits of potassium for pregnancy is that it reduces some of the effects Annoying side effects associated with pregnancy, may reduce the severity of painful leg cramps and help prevent or reduce normal swelling in a pregnant woman. 

  • Diarrhea resistance:
Among the benefits of bananas for a pregnant woman is also that it is a fibrous fruit, and it contains soluble fibers such as also found in apples, as these fibers help in reducing diarrhea by absorbing excess water in the body of the pregnant woman, and the potassium in bananas can also help reduce intestinal cramps associated with diarrhea Occasionally.

Banana health benefits:

In addition to the benefits of bananas for a pregnant woman, it provides many health benefits for the human body and its various vital functions, and bananas are beneficial for all ages, as it can be provided to infants after the age of six months, but they must make sure that they do not suffer from the sensitivity of bananas, and these benefits include the following:

Bananas contain nutrients that control blood sugar levels because they contain pectin and starch, which reduce blood sugar levels after meals and reduce appetite by slowing stomach emptying.

Bananas enhance the health of the digestive system, due to the presence of fiber in it, as a medium-sized banana contains about 3 grams of fiber, which makes bananas a good source of fiber.

Bananas may help in weight loss, as bananas contain relatively few calories, and eating a large number of immature bananas are full of starch, so it gives a feeling of fullness And reduces appetite for food.

Bananas help maintain cardiovascular health because it provides an abundant amount of potassium, the mineral that is important for cardiovascular health.

Banana nutritional value :

Bananas contain a high percentage of carbohydrates and a small percentage of protein is only about 3%, and muscles need protein to grow, so we have to say that alone does not provide enough protein, which needs other food besides it is rich in protein necessary for muscle growth.

  • The nutritional value per 100 grams of banana:
  1. Energy: 90 calories
  2. Carbohydrates: 22.84 grams
  3. Protein: 1.09 g
  4. Fat: 0.33 g
  5. Fiber: 2,60 g
  6. Vitamin C: 8.7 mg
  7. Vitamin B6: 0.367 mg
  8. Calcium: 5 mg
  9. Iron: 0.26 mg
  10. Magnesium: 27 mg
  11. Phosphorous: 22 mg
  12. Potassium: 358 mg
  13. Sodium: 1 mg
  14. Zinc: 0.15 mg
  15. Copper: 0.078 mg
  • Banana side effects:
Despite the benefits of bananas for a pregnant woman and other benefits that it provides to the body, it can have some side effects and damages, so when eating bananas during pregnancy it should be consumed in moderate quantities during the daily diet. Among these side effects are the following:

High potassium levels: Some people with heart disease and high blood pressure, which have the ability to raise potassium levels in the body, should, therefore, pay attention when eating bananas during pregnancy.

Allergy: Some people may experience an allergy to bananas. They may experience itching, swelling, hay fever, and wheezing in the throat when eating bananas.

Unripe bananas: Unripe bananas can cause severe indigestion, so it is best to wait until they are ripe.

Migraines: People who suffer from frequent migraines or migraine attacks are advised not to eat more than half a banana daily.

Gastrointestinal discomfort: Because of the abundant amount of fiber in bananas, eating too much of it may cause various intestinal disturbances, which include stomach cramps, flatulence, and gases.
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