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There are many types of Swiss cheese, we will show you the most important in this matter.

Types of Swiss cheese

Types of Swiss cheese

Just home to dairy products! But while simple food is often daily demand, undoubtedly not tasteless with some of the best dairy and different types of Swiss cheese that find their way to the ingredients of your meals, you should not be surprised by discovering that the food in Switzerland is creamy and great!
Swiss Food - Swiss Cheese (Types of Swiss cheese) .

- First, we should exclude the topic of chocolate from our conversation Yes, all I heard about Swiss chocolate is true.

With Swiss chocolate that basically produced the piece of chocolate we know and love today. Chocolate was brought to Switzerland from Central and South America, but it was the new production methods, invented by the Swiss, that led to chocolate becoming very popular and Switzerland earned the reputation of existing chocolate.

Switzerland offers chocolate lovers everywhere a unique experience to test from the Swiss chocolate experience at the Swiss Transport Museum (I know it's a strange site).

And if you don't have time to enjoy one of these experiences, all you have to do is enter the local grocery stores (Coop and Migros are the largest) and fill your grocery cart with original Swiss chocolate.

Once you've finished trying the chocolate, it's time to make way for Swiss cheese(Types of Swiss cheese)!
Swiss Food - Swiss cheese- Types of Swiss cheese :
While you may think that you have eaten cheese and enjoyed the types of Swiss cheese before, unless you have gone to Switzerland, you have not done so.

The general term for Swiss cheese that you find in many grocery stores is a tradition of Emmental cheese - one of the most famous types of Swiss cheese Make sure to try Emmental cheese while you're here - a whole new level of cheese! Another well-known cheese is Gruyère, from a small town whose name is called Cheese from the French Territory of Switzerland Here you can even plan to visit a Gruyère cheese factory that has one of the best types of Swiss cheese. Learn about the process of making cheese, and of course, enjoy sampling!

Swiss food - Swiss chocolate :

Switzerland is mainly divided into 3 regions: the northern German region, the French western region, and of course the southern Italian region!
In the German region, some popular dishes are:

Älplermagronen: a mixture of pasta, potatoes, onions, and bacon with melted cheese a kind of Types of Swiss cheese with a German flavor.

Zürcher Geschnetzeltes: Thin slices of veal with mushroom cream, often served with rusty.

Rösti: French fries and chopped (very similar to North American hash browns).

Bircher muesli: a breakfast plate of marinated oatmeal, cream, honey, or yogurt decorated with a group of nuts and fruits (usually sliced ​​apples).

Zuger Kirshtorte: A round cake, consisting of two layers of sponge cake, soaked in a cherry drink with biscuits stuffed between them.
Swiss food - rosti In the French region, some popular dishes are:

Cheese Fondue: Here you can get a bowl of melted cheese, preferably Emmental or Gruyere.

Then you have a selection of foods that you usually dip in cheese with long forks, the food is small pieces of bread and potatoes and sometimes pickled onions, corn, pickles, and of course, it's delicious!

Raclette: Fondue style, but here you take melted race lite cheese - any types of Swiss cheese.

And spread it on potatoes, pickles, and other pickled vegetables.

Papet Vaudois: This is cooked (for hours) by this potato dish with balls served with cabbage sausage.

Meringue: Invented in the Swiss village of Meiringen, this dessert is very simple, it consists of egg whites and sugar that are beaten with a small biscuit the size of cakes. This dessert can also be used as a basis for many other sweets such as pies and biscuits.
In the Italian region, some popular dishes are:

- Polenta: boiled corn, served as hot or baked porridge in the style of a loaf of bread that can be fried or grilled.

- Risotto: a classic Italian rice dish that is cooked in the broth for a creamy consistency.

- Gazosa: sweet lemon juice without alcohol Pizza: Of course.?

Swiss food - Risotto From delicious meals in the north, to a range of Swiss cheese and pasta in the south, you now know what to order in restaurants across the country as you prepare to eat.
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