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Radish recipes and soups

Radish plant is one of the most natural plants that give the skin freshness without costing us much, and we will show how to prepare some radish recipes.
Radish recipes and soups

Radish recipes and soups

Therefore, nutrition experts consider it a natural antibiotic due to its richness in glucosides, vitamin C, and ravanin, and its consumption reduces the production of thyroid hormone, and this plant is a well-known drug in China and Europe.

Radish is classified as a vegetable with a high nutritional value and rich medicinal properties, it opens the appetite for food and helps with digestion and contains a group of vitamins (A, B, C) and sulfur useful for the skin, hair, and iron useful for blood.

The benefits of radish are as follows:

1. Preventing serious blood clots.

2. Reducing cancer risk ratios.

3. A good treatment for asthma crises.

4. It contributes to stopping the growth of factors that cause tooth decay; it also contains a substance that works to suppress the activity of the enzyme that forms the tartar layer on the teeth.

5. White radish helps in losing excess weight, as it helps to dissolve and get rid of extra fat.

6. Red and white radish juice are used as a treatment for gallstones, as it is considered a natural antibiotic.

7. It aids digestion well and is an aperitif.

Natural recipes:

  • 1.Recipe for radish juice:
It is used to treat whooping cough, expelling phlegm, the coarseness of voice, and rheumatic pain by painting the places of radish juice extract.

  • Ingredients:

1.5 cup fresh radish juice.

A cup of bee honey.

Half a cup of drenched grapes.

tablespoon of table salt.

  • Method:

This mixture is used as a topical paint for rheumatism for joints and muscles.
  • 2. The recipe for radish and honey:
The radish head is emptied and filled with little vegetable sugar or honey with a hole under the "radish" and then placed over a glass cup for distillation throughout the night and in the morning can get a drink rich in sulfur and potassium, which is very effective in combating severe influenza.
  • 3. The recipe for radish paint:
It is used for muscle cramps and treatment of skin impurities, where scientists have been able to extract a good paint from radish extract to treat muscle cramps, ulcers of hands and feet, get rid of skin impurities, purify the face and purify the face.
  • 4 recipe for radish and lemon:
Radish can be used to obtain a safe lightening of the skin, as cosmetic experts confirm that most skin bleaches may lead to some dehydration and that you must take into account not to use on the face for a long time, so we offer you radish and lemon lotions to hide spots:

  • Ingredients:

- 1 teaspoon grated radish.

- 2 small lemon juice.

  • Preparation and use:

Radish is soaked in lemon juice for 48 hours in a warm room, then packed in a bottle. The lotion is then used to apply stains that violate the skin color daily with a cotton swab.

It is through these natural recipes that every woman can have beautiful skin, fresh, bright, like the brightening of the moon.
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