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Radish seeds for the skin and melt fat

Radish contains a high nutritional value in addition to that radish seeds help in losing weight. 
Radish seeds for the skin and melt fat

Radish seeds for the skin and melt fat

Radish is classified as a vegetable with a high nutritional value and rich medicinal properties, it opens the appetite for food and helps with digestion and contains a group of vitamins (A, B, C) and sulfur useful for the skin, hair, and iron useful for blood.

Radish prevents dangerous blood clots, and continuous radish intake reduces the risk of cancer and is very beneficial for treating asthma crises and stops the growth of factors that cause tooth decay; but it contains a substance that works to suppress the activity of the enzyme component of the tartar layer on the teeth, as white radish helps in losing excess weight as it is Helps dissolve and get rid of extra fat.

Doctors advise patients who suffer from gallbladder disorders caused by gravel formation to eat radish juice, as it is useful in treating pain in gallstones, and radish juice is also used as a tonic and laxative and affects the intestine as it is a stimulus for the secretion of bile, so this should be avoided by eating radish by people People with intestinal disorders, duodenal ulcer or thyroid gland.

Municipal red and white radish juice is used as a treatment for gallbladder pain, as it is considered a natural antibiotic and can be drunk alone or with lemon juice, and the portion used for radish is tuberous roots that contain glucose which produces volatile oil and refining compounds, which gives the anti-bacterial effect.

It is known that horseradish opens the appetite for food and helps with digestion, and for this, the red radish is eaten with salad as an appetizer, white radish juice is used as a tonic and laxative, as it was found to have an effect on the intestine and thus extends its effect as an inducer of excretion of bile.

Radishes had a striking presence in ancient medicine. 

It was used to strengthen eyesight and get rid of sand and stones in the urinary tract.

Radish oil was used to treat skin diseases.

At the beginning of the seventh century, it was used to treat poor digestion.

Some recipes help relieve some of the symptoms by using radish and its juice, including: 

Whooping cough, cold, and rheumatism:

France and Russia are currently using radish juice mixed with sugar or honey for the treatment of cases of whooping cough, the expulsion of phlegm, coarseness of voice and rheumatic pain by painting the places of infection of radish juice through the following formula:
  • Ingredients :
- 1.5 cup fresh radish juice.
- A cup of honey bees.
- Half a cup of drenched grapes.
- 1 tablespoon of table salt.

  • Method:
This mixture is used as a topical paint for rheumatism for joints and muscles. 
  • To combat colds:
The radish head is emptied and filled with little vegetable sugar or honey with a hole under the "radish" and then placed over a glass cup for distillation throughout the night and in the morning can get a drink rich in sulfur and potassium, which is very effective in combating severe influenza.

For muscle cramps and treatment of skin impurities:

Scientists have been able to extract a good paint from radish extract to treat muscle cramps, ulcers of hands and feet, get rid of skin impurities, purify the face, and purify the face. 
  • To activate bile secretions and treat jaundice:
Experiments have confirmed that eating a cup of radish juice on an empty stomach can be considered a void for the yellow which causes dizziness and is also a great aid to treat jaundice and liver laziness.
  • To hide stains:
You can also use radishes to obtain a safe lightening of the skin, and cosmetic experts confirm that most of the skin bleaches may lead to some dehydration, it must be taken into account that they are not used on the face for a long time, then use it for 15-20 minutes only, then rinse the face with lukewarm water, and apply one of the refreshments to the skin, It is used daily to treat freckles, so we offer you radish and lemon lotion
  • Ingredients :
1. 1 teaspoon of grated hot radish.

2. Juice of 2 small lemons.

Preparation and use: Radish is soaked in lemon juice for 48 hours in a warm room, then packed in a bottle. 
The lotion is used daily to paint stains that violate the skin color with a cotton swab.
  • Hair germination:
Since hair loss is a problem that affects many girls without a quick and effective solution to eliminate them, but cosmetic experts advise a lot of eating radish and use this mask to germinate falling hair and prevent hair loss.
  • Ingredients :
- A little red radish.
- Add some castor oil.

  • How to use :
- Chop the radish, then take out its juice and mix with it a small amount of castor oil.
Apply this mixture to the scalp daily before bed.

Radish seed benefits:

The benefits of horseradish seeds for men are among the most distinctive features of horseradish, its strong ability to treat infertility in both men and women alike.

Experts from the National Center confirmed the necessity of eating radish vitamins before marriage in order to avoid any congenital malformations in the fetus.

The radish also contributes to restoring sexual strength, as it advised doctors to eat dry radish seeds with a limit of grinding them well regularly for a period of not less than 10 days in order to address the problems of impotence.

The benefits of horseradish seeds for men are distinguished by their wide therapeutic uses in stimulating ovulation and fertility processes, as eating radish seed mixture in a suitable and regular amount is enough to increase the sexual ability of those who suffer from impotence, in addition to what scientists have recently discovered about the importance of radish as radish seeds contain The amount of estrogen hormone similar to that found in humans, and this makes it useful with symptoms related to menstrual problems such as hot flashes and menopause.

The importance of horseradish does not succeed at this point, but its ability also extends to treat cases of anemia as it is beneficial to the skin due to the fact that it contains calcium, iron, iodine and sulfur salts, and also contains vitamin A and C, but radish due to its oil called oil The pilot is considered one of the heavy materials on the weak stomach, and therefore it is advised that doctors who suffer from weakness in their digestive system or who suffer from liver problems reduce the amount of his intake to the maximum extent.

Radish is distinguished by its effective ability to treat and prevent blood clots and cancerous beginnings and helps to balance blood sugar and relieve cold.
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