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male baby symptoms during pregnancy

These days, mothers are looking for the possibility of having medical means to conceive a child, or medical signs indicating pregnancy with a child.
male baby symptoms during pregnancy

male baby symptoms during pregnancy

male baby symptoms during pregnancy There is a great debate in the medical community about whether a pregnancy with a boy or a female has signs that can be distinguished from observation, as this matter is marred by many myths and legends, and there are some signs of pregnancy with a boy as some studies and statistical research have shown:

  • Pregnancy nausea: If a pregnant woman does not have symptoms of morning pregnancy nausea then this may be one of the male baby symptoms during pregnancy and some recent studies have supported the validity of this matter, but it is not yet fully confirmed.

  • Heart rate: Some research papers indicated that the male fetus’s heart beats at a rate of less than 140 beats per minute, but this has not been proven by any reliable research or studies.

  • Acne: the appearance of pimples and acne may be a sign of pregnancy Bold due to the increase in testosterone levels in the mother’s blood.

  • A craving for a certain food: It is a common practice among women that a pregnant woman has a strong desire to eat sour or salty foods, but this has not been scientifically proven to this day.

  • The positioning of the abdomen: The position of the abdomen is one of the common signs that the gender of the newborn can be determined.

  • Personality and mood changes: The gender of the fetus mostly affects some behavioral changes, and it is likely that a woman who changes her personality to become aggressive, bold, and dominant in her pregnancy may be pregnant with a child, and these behavior changes can be linked to testosterone levels.

  • Urine color: It appears that a change in urine color during pregnancy to darker may be one of the male baby symptoms during pregnancy.

  • Breast size: During pregnancy, the breast enlarges and increases in size in preparation for supplying the baby with milk, but some old beliefs say that increasing the right breast size is a sign of pregnancy with a child, but this matter does not have any scientific evidence.

  • Cold limbs: The constant feeling of the coldness of the foot or hand during pregnancy is one of the indicators of pregnancy with a proven child in the beliefs of Chinese medicine.

  • Hair growth: the rate of hair growth usually increases to faster if the gender of the fetus is male.

  • Sleeping position: During pregnancy, the pregnant woman often feels tired and easily tired, and in this case, the pregnant woman sleeps for long periods of time, and if the pregnant woman sleeps on the left side, this may be a sign of pregnancy with a child.

  • Dry hands: Some people think dry skin, especially exfoliating skin, and hands, is a sign of a bold pregnancy.

  • Weight gain: The concentration of excess weight in a pregnant woman indicates the gender of the newborn significantly, as the concentration of obesity in the abdomen and stomach is a sign of pregnancy with a child, while weight gain is distributed throughout the discount mark for pregnancy for a female.
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