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dark brown spotting before period

dark brown spotting before period is often painless, and there are many possible causes for it.
 Sometimes it is an indication of the beginning of the next menstrual cycle or of a pregnancy or a lower probability that these brown secretions are a sign of a pathological condition.
dark brown spotting before period

dark brown spotting before period

Most women recognize that the menstrual period is the most troublesome period of the month due to pain, a feeling of discomfort, depression, bad smell, etc. 

The symptoms that can accompany the menstruation, although most women bear the difficulty of the menstrual period, which does not usually exceed 4 Up to 5 days, there are some women who suffer from additional problems, including brown secretions before the menstrual cycle, which can increase their frustration.

And when women notice some brown secretions before the menstrual cycle, they worry and think that something abnormal or dangerous is happening to their bodies, but all dark brown spotting before period should not cause this anxiety as they may be completely normal, as they may be caused by some changes Pathogenesis of the female reproductive system.

Causes of brown discharge before the menstrual cycle

  • Brown secretions associated with the arrival of the session

Women may notice brown discharge before the new menstrual period, as menstruation generally consists of several layers, as a result of the accumulation of some of the blood of the previous menstrual period with endometriosis, nutrients, and tissue residue. It is all emptied by menstrual bleeding or menstrual flow, or what is known as the menstrual cycle.

In many cases, a layer of old blood and nutrients is drained before the actual cycle, and this is what causes brown secretions before the menstrual cycle, and some imbalances may occur in the menstrual cycle as the endometrium cells did not drain all during the cycle, so their descent before the period Pro menstruation may cause brown secretions.

Therefore, if you notice the brown secretions coming down about a day or two before the session is light and not a large amount of blood, then often this is the beginning of the next menstrual period, and it is normal for these brown secretions to descend after the menstrual cycle, as the uterus cleans itself with a dark brown color secretion that becomes a light brown Overtime for about two days after the session.

  • Brown secretions before the course are caused by polyps

Often, benign tumors in the womb or in the cervix can be responsible for dark brown spotting before period, and benign tumors are groups of cells that have grown abnormally inside the womb mainly due to hormonal imbalance, as benign tumor cells can bleed Very slowly before the menstrual period, so dark brown spotting before period can be a result of bleeding from the appendages.

  • Brown secretions before the menstrual cycle caused by the pill

It is known that birth control pills interfere with female hormones and cause changes in the menstrual cycle of menstruation in women, as the contraceptive pill secures its effect by changing the levels of hormones concerned with menstruation and pregnancy, and therefore the changing hormone levels sometimes can cause brown secretions before a period Menstruation, and not consuming the pill regularly can cause irritating brown secretions.

  • Brown secretions before the cycle caused by fertilization

Pregnant women notice little spotting or bleeding very early in pregnancy (about one to fourteen days after fertilization), and this is known as implantation bleeding, which occurs when the fertilized egg begins to attach to the endometrium, and this type of mild bleeding does not last for a while Usually long, it is either pink or brown in color.

  • Brown secretions caused by infections

There are many sexually transmitted diseases, which can cause brown secretions days before the menstrual cycle, including chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital warts (HPV), and vulvar vagina and pelvic inflammation can also be responsible for dark brown spotting before period, and if they are One of these diseases is the reason for the discharge of brown secretions. 

It is more likely that the woman will also suffer from symptoms such as skin rash and burning sensation in the event of genital warts, vomiting in the case of chlamydia, wounds in the mouth, pelvic pain in the event of gonorrhea, in addition to painful urination, and pain in an area Lower abdomen, loss of appetite.

  • Brown secretions before the course due to endometriosis

Endometriosis is the growth of cells similar to the ones that form inside the uterus, but in a place outside the uterus, the cells of the endometrium attach to the tissues outside the uterus where they are found widely on the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and the external surfaces of the uterus or intestine, and on the lining of the surface of the pelvic cavity It can also be present in the vagina, cervix, and bladder, and it is one of the factors that can cause brown secretions before the course, during or after the menstrual period.

  • Are brown secretions before the period a sign of pregnancy?

The answer is yes.*-* 

Brown secretions before the menstrual cycle may be a sign of pregnancy because they may occur as a result of the adhesion of the fertilized egg to the endometrium, causing a small amount of bleeding similar to brown secretions.

This simple bleeding often occurs at the same time as expected menstruation, so if you expect to become pregnant or if sexual intercourse is not protected by contraceptive methods and you suffer from brown secretions and contractions instead of going down the cycle, you should make sure by performing a pregnancy test.

When can a doctor visit?

Having brown secretions often before menstruation is not a serious problem, and you do not usually need to see a doctor. But you should talk to and see a doctor if you have brown discharge:

  1. It continues for many weeks.
  2. It happens a lot after sexual intercourse.
  3. It smells bad.
  4. It is accompanied by pain or cramps.
  5. With itching in the vagina.
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