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bleeding after period is over

Many women experience bleeding after period is over, which negatively affects their health and psychological state, and although this condition is very common, the causes are unknown for many women.
bleeding after period is over

Causes of bleeding after menstruation:

Bleeding may occur after the end of the menstrual cycle in some women, the reasons vary, and the most famous of which are explained to you are as follows:

  • The remaining blood from the menstrual cycle :

One of the most important reasons that can lead to bleeding after period is over is the blood that is still present in the womb and has not come down during the menstrual cycle, as the body gets rid of it in this way. 
So, this bleeding helps cleanse the body from the deposits left by the menstrual cycle, so don't worry.

  • Vaginal fungi:

The vagina can be infected with any infection like the rest of the body, and even the vagina injury is easier and faster than other parts of the body, and this infection may result in bloodshed outside the menstrual periods.

It may also cause some infections that affect the area of ​​the uterus, bleeding after period is over, in which case it is necessary to follow up well and refer directly to the specialist to receive the necessary treatment. The bleeding may come in the form of thick, dark red secretions, closer to the color of the blood.

  • Menstruation and intercourse:

 Many women who cannot be ignored suffer from bloody bleeding after having an intimate relationship, especially after the menstrual cycle, where the arteries and veins are still open and soft. The blood density ranges from being very light to noticeable, as the penis causes scratches and wounds inside the vagina, some of which are minor, and some of which are large, resulting in this bleeding.

  • Irregular menstruation:

Another reason that leads to bleeding after period is over irregularity and many women face this condition due to many factors, the most important of which is the disorder in the secretion of hormones and polycystic ovaries. So if you have this problem, bleeding after your period may be normal, but if it recurs more than once, you should consult a specialist immediately.

  • Uterine tumors:

Women who have benign tumors in the womb are usually exposed to blood discharge from the vagina, and the intensity and amount of this blood varies depending on the degree of tumor infection and the age of the affected woman.

  • Contraceptive:

Using an IUD may lead to a bleeding woman after menstruation, because it is difficult for the body to adapt to this IUD, or if the IUD is fitted for a long time. Discontinuation of hormonal birth control pills may also cause bleeding a week after the end of the cycle, due to hormonal disorders in the body.

When does a doctor need to be consulted?

 Feeling of severe pain accompanied by bleeding after the session, with contractions in the lower abdomen. The bleeding continues for more than two days, whether it is continuous or intermittent. If the bleeding is in the menopause and menopause stage.
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